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Nesquehonite from the Pezinok-Kolársky vrch antimony deposit, Malé Karpaty Mts. (Slovak Republic)

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An uncommon post-mining mineral assemblage with nesquehonite, Sr-rich brandholzite and hörnesite was recently discovered at the Kolársky vrch antimony deposit near Pezinok, Malé Karpaty Mts., Slovakia. Nesquehonite occurs as white opaque pseudomorphs after pre-existing flattened crystals and crystalline aggregates of lansfordite up to 18mm in size associated with aragonite, gypsum, brandholzite and hörnesite. Its refined unit-cell parameters (for the monoclinic space group P21/n) are: a 7.694(1) Å, b 5.364(1) Å, c 12.118(2) Å, β 90.33(2)° and V 500.2(1) Å3. Except of dominant content of Mg only minor amounts of Si were detected in studied nesquehonite. Sr-rich brandholzite occurs as colourless, well developed, tabular pseudohexagonal crystals up to 3 mm in size and its empirical formula based on (Sb+As = 2 apfu) is (Mg0.72Sr0.21)Σ0.93(Sb1.95As0.05)Σ2.00(OH)12·6H2O. Hörnesite forms microscopic spherical aggregates up to 70 μm enclosed in nesquehonite. It has near end-member composition with empirical formula (Mg3.24Fe0.01)Σ3.25(AsO4)1.93(SiO4)0.04(SO4)0.03·8H2O (based on As+Si+S = 2 apfu). The whole supergene assemblage is a product of post-mining weathering of stibnite and arsenopyrite in carbonate (dolomite) rich environment under near-neutral conditions.


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