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Theisite, sabelliite and tyrolite from the Cu deposit La Mina Delfina, Ortiguero (Spain)



Orthorhombic Cu5Zn5[(As,Sb)O4]2(OH)14, mineral theisite, was found in the mine dump material of the abandoned Cu deposit La Mina Delfina, Ortiguero, Spain. Theisite occurs there as turquoise blue flattened crystals with pearly luster forms radial and spherical aggregates up to 6 mm in size in limestone in association with sabelliite and tyrolite. Theisite is orthorhombic, the unit-cell parameters refined from X-ray powder diffraction data are: a 8.231(1), b 7.121(1), c 14.906(1) Å and V 873.7(2) Å3. Chemical analyses of theisite correspond to empirical formula (Cu5.12Zn4.81Ca0.03Mg0.03Ni0.01)Σ10.00 [(AsO4)1.74(SbO4)0.65(PO4)0.02(SiO4)0.05] Σ 2.46(OH)12.68 on the basis of (Cu+Zn+Ca+Mg+Ni+Co) = 10 apfu. Rare sabelliite forms thin tabular crystals up to 50 μm in length composed light blue hemispherical aggregates up to 1 mm accross with pearly luster. Sabelliite is trigonal (space group P-3) with unit-cell parameters a 8.2116(7), c 7.3261(6) Å and V 427.82(7) Å3. Its chemical compositon is possible to express by empirical formula (Cu1.83Zn0.14Ni0.03)Σ2.00Zn1.00[(AsO4)0.72(SbO4)0.19(SiO4)0.05(PO4)0.01]Σ 0.97(OH)3.15. Abundant tyrolite was found as emerald green to bluish green aggregates up to 1 cm in size, it is monoclinic (space group P21/c) with following unit-cell parameters: a 25.557(3), b 5.5672(7), c 10.465(1) Å, β 98.07(5)o and V 1589.5(3) Å3 and empirical formula (Ca2.22Cu8.60Zn0.18) Σ 11.00[(AsO4)3.91(SO4) 0.04(SiO4)0.02(PO4)0.01] Σ 3.98(CO3)1.07(OH)8.11H2O. Tentative interpretation of Raman spectra of theisite and tyrolite is given in the paper.



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