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Review process

Our journal usually requires a minimum of two independent peer reviewers to peer review manuscripts for consideration in the journal. Reviews and acceptance of manuscripts are based solely on their scientific quality - the paper´s originality, the effectiveness of presentation and the soundness of the scientific arguments.

Our journal uses a single-blind peer review model. This means that the identity of the authors is known to the peer reviewers, but the identity of the peer reviewers is not known to the authors. Only if the reviewers explicitly want to, they can reveal their identity to the authors.


Publishing ethics

Our journal follows the principles of transparency and best practice to ensure the integrity of the content we publish. It subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), especially COPE recommends for authors, peer reviewers, as well as for journal editors and journals.

We believe that ethical standards are essential to ensure the high quality of scientific publications and the credibility of scientific knowledge. Therefore we place special attention on the originality of the papers, revealing the possible plagiarism, duplicate publication, citation manipulation and similar unethical practices

Checklist for the reviewers