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Unusual mineralization with willemite from the area of the central part of the Příbram uranium and base-metal district (Czech Republic)

Volume 30, issue 2 (2022), pages 224-242



The unusual mineralization with willemite, rare Cu arsenides (koutekite, kutinaite) and balkanite was found at a sample originating from the Jerusalém deposit (shaft No. 9), Příbram uranium and base-metal ore district (Czech Republic). The gangue is formed by earlier siderite and quartz intensively replaced by abundant willemite and younger dolomite group minerals with hematite inclusions and the youngest calcite. The ore mineralization represented by sphalerite, djurleite, anilite, covellite, stromeyerite, balkanite, koutekite, kutinaite, primary anglesite and Hg-rich silver is accompanied by Zn-rich hisingerite, baileychlore and Fe-oxides with variable but significant Si contents. The detailed description and quantitative chemical data for individual mineral phases are given. The studied mineralization was formed in significantly changing redox conditions (from reducing to highly oxidizing) with a distinct decrease of temperature (down to below 70(3) °C).


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