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New found of gibbsite at the Hammerunterwiesenthal tephrite quarry, Krušné hory Mountains (Germany)

Volume 23, issue 2 (2015), pages 247-254



The new occurrence of well-crystaline Al-hydroxide, gibbsite, was found in the Hammerunterwiesenthal tephrite quarry in Erzgebirge (Germany). Gibbsite forms lustrous transparent pseudo-hexagonal tabular crystals, their twins and groups up to 3.5 mm in size. Gibbsite is monoclinic, space group P21/n with following unit-cell parameters: a 8.669(2) Å, b 5.070(2) Å, c 9.720(3) Å, β 94.54(3)°, V 425.9(2) Å3. Chemical analyses yield the average composition Al2O3 65.48, SiO2 0.04, H2Ocalc. 34.74, total 100.26 wt. % corresponding to the formula Al(OH)3 on the basis of 1 atom in cation sites. Raman spectrum is in good coincident with published data for this mineral phase and is considerably different from Raman spectra of another Al(OH)3 polymorphs. Gibbsite was found in the close association of natrolite. Natrolite is orthorhombic, space group Fdd2 with following unit-cell parameters: a 18.368(5) Å, b 18.591(7) Å, c 6.594(4) Å, V 2251(1) Å3 and its average composition Na2O 14.54, Al2O3 26.98, SiO2 45.24, K2O 0.04, CaO 1.46, H2Ocalc. 9.23, total 97.48 wt. % corresponding to formula (Na1.83Ca0.10)Σ1.93(Al2.07 Si2.94)∑5.01O10 . 2H2O on the basis 10 O.


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