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Contribution to the chemical composition of minerals          
of the mimetite-pyromorphite series from the Guatomo mine near Tham Thalu, Bannang Sata District, Yala Province (Thailand)

Volume 28, issue 2 (2020), pages 237-245



The Guatomo mine is considered as one of the classic localities of mimetite worldwide. The chemical composition of six samples of minerals of mimetite-pyromorphite series from the Guatomo mine, representing different morphologies, colours as well as various geological environments/host rocks, was studied in detail by EMPA-WDS. This study revealed that both mimetite as well as pyromorphite are present at the Guatomo mine, representing rather variable compositional series ranging from the nearly end member mimetite (sample M1 - up to 0.03 apfu of P, sample M4 - up to 0.23 apfu of P and sample M5 with up to 0.18 apfu of P), through P-enriched mimetite (with 0.38 apfu of P) and As-rich pyromorphite (with 0.82 apfu of As, sample M2) up to As-enriched pyromorphite (sample M3 with As content reaching up to 1.03 apfu and sample M6 with up to 0.80 apfu of As). Besides of Pb, As, P and Cl only negligible amounts of Ca, V and S were detected in studied samples.


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