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Zeolite mineralization with thomsonite-Ca from Babětín near Těchlovice in the České středohoří Mts. (Czech Republic)



A quite new occurrence of zeolite mineralization, dominated by thomsonite-Ca, has been discovered in a 130 m wide rock outcrop of olivine nephelinite volcanic body, at SW vicinity of the Babětín village, České středohoří mountains (Czech Republic). Thomsonite-Ca occurs there in several morphological forms: as lathy fan-like twins, brittle twins, hemispheral or compact aggregates. Its unit-cell parameters, refined from the powder X-ray data, are: a 13.1049(12), 13.0559(13) c 13.2464(12) Å and V 2266.4(4) Å3. Two types of thomsonite-Ca with different Sr contents were observed during chemical study - with following empirical formulas: Ca0.83Na1.04Sr0.39(Si5.35Al5.05)O20.6H2O and Ca1.67Na1.05 Sr0.12(Si5.22Al4.83)O20.6H2O. The determined Sr contents (up to 0.40 apfu) are the highest among occurrences of this mineral in the Czech Republic. Analcime, natrolite, mesolite and calcite were observed in the association with thomsonite-Ca. The succesion of crystallization on fissures and cavities of olivine nephelinite is following: analcime → natrolite (mesolite) → thomsonite-Ca → calcite.


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