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Petrology of rocks in the north part of the Marianské Lázně Metaophiolite Complex and adjacent area Teplá Crystalline Unit

Volume 22, issue 2 (2014), pages 346-355



The northern part of the Mariánské Lázně Metaophiolite Complex, consist of inhomogeneous amphibolites (sometimes with a garnet), locally with small layers of calc-silicate rocks. Mineral assemblage of calc-silicate rocks is relatively simple and includes garnet, clinopyroxene and plagioclase. Chemical composition of garnet from surrounding amphibolites (Alm45-54 Grs33-35 Prp8-14 Sps2-4 Adr0-4) differs from the chemical composition of garnets from calc-silicate rocks (Grs84-88 Adr11-15 Sps1). Microstructural relations indicate clinozoisite-consuming reaction for formation of garnets in calc-silicate rocks. Mineral assemblage preserved as inclusions in garnet in amphibolites indicate PT conditions for the formation of garnet are ~ 660 °C and 10 kbar. The main metamorphic event in the adjacent Teplá Crystalline Complex, indicates significantly lower temperature and pressure setting (~ 600 °C and 7 kbar).


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